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Today is National Waffle Day

Think I might need these earrings… Here’s the link on etsy. Advertisements

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3 small, delicious pizzas from fridge leftovers

Woke up yesterday thinking of, for some strange reason, cornmeal pizza. The internet gave me this Martha Stewart recipe, which was really easy, and the dough turned out amazing. The hardest part was waiting an hour for the dough to … Continue reading

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If I was a squirrel, this cupcake would be enormous

Co-worker Rob gave me a make-your-sprained-ankle-feel-better-with-sugar surprise mini cupcake from Cupcake Royale. It appeared next to this little guy I keep by my computer for squirrel-powered writing inspiration. Tiny? Wonderful? Yes and yes.

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A pretty tiny price for a month of unlimited flying

JetBlue is offering a pass that allows you to fly an unlimited amount from Sept. 7-Oct. 6, and it’s only $499 if you can stay on the ground Fridays and Sundays (plus you’ll tack on some fees for international/Puerto Rico). … Continue reading

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Tea at Work

There’s something wonderful about the process of making tea at work. It makes work feel so…un-work. And I will fully admit to drinking my tea out of cat mug that I found in the communal kitchen and have appropriated as … Continue reading

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Today is National Rum Day

I googled “Tiny Rum” and these are our results: Tiny rum raisin ice cream cones (yes, please). The website Tiny Cat Pants and a song called “Away, Away With Rum.” This amazing pirate face/rum bottle necklace. Still trying to decide … Continue reading

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Cool-off snack so fast you’ll barely break a sweat

Trader Joe’s Mango, Peach, Orange Juice + Ice Tray + Strawberries. Freeze. Eat while sweating attractively. Attractiveness of sweat is debatable.

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