5 small, silly quick-fixes when you’re down for the count

Where I've been for the last three days.

On Wednesday I sprained my ankle rock climbing. Nothing to brag about: I was in a gym and all I did is jump down and land funny. But one little jump and I got myself a two week ride on the crutches train. Been laid up all weekend of the couch dreaming up ways to make myself feel better about being alone, immobile, and incredibly hot (It’s 95 today).

Tiny, wonderful to the rescue. Top five small things to do when you’re feeling sorry for yourself and can’t leave the apartment.

1. Scavenger’s dessert buffet. I found a mini scone, some chocolate chips, and a piece of Mexican chocolate. Did a “tasting.” (The scone won as it seemed to be the least stale).

2. Watching the ferries chug along out the window. I never get tired of looking at Puget Sound. “Ferries” and “Puget Sound” could be substituted with bird, buildings, traffic, people, brick walls (been there, done that last one).

3. Gossip Girl Season 1. Just started and I’m hooked, I can’t help it. Plus at least my boyfriend isn’t a prostitute-loving coke head or the son of my mother’s boyfriend.

4. http://www.whichbudget.com/ Perfect for travel dreaming.

5. When all else fails, post a Facebook status about needing a hug. It’s a cheap move, but it always works.

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