A Love Note to BirdNote

Etsy is the place for birds. 24,932 results for "bird necklace."

Got two minutes? I know on paper there’s really nothing cool about BirdNote (sorry, BirdNote). Someone with an NPR-smooth lilt talks us through a two-minute story of a type of bird or bird habitat.

Yet, I can’t get enough. I think it’s part the weird little opening song, part flashback to second grade when we used to take field trips three blocks away to some woman’s house where she would let us frolic in her plants and trees and listen to the sparrows.

I used to wake up to NPR and leave the radio running as I got ready, and I would usually catch BirdNote just as I got out of the shower. In June I moved, left the radio (and BirdNote) behind and switched to an iPhone alarm.

But the other morning I was driving to work (a rare occurrence as I usually walk) and tuned in just at the right moment to hear about Cacklers and Canadas.

I celebrated. BirdNote! You’ve returned to my life. And, of course (why didn’t I think of it?) they live online. So you, too, can take a little two-minute bird break. Here’s the full archive: http://www.birdnote.org/kplu-archive.cfm

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2 Responses to A Love Note to BirdNote

  1. matthew e says:

    That’s funny, because I had a similar but diametrically opposite experience. A couple of years ago before I got a huge iPod I listened to NPR and/or KEXP all day. Every day at roughly the same time on my lunch break, “Writer’s Almanac” came on, often at the exact same point in my walk from the place where I usually ate lunch. I hated that segment. Every day the midday news gave way to the same pretentiously austere piano music, succeeded immediately by Garrison Keillor’s austerely pretentious voice reading some stupid poem about walking through the grass with bare feet or something, and how it’s the writer Eudora Welty’s 98th birthday except she died 8 years ago. I can’t stand Garrison Keillor or the drops of refinement he tried to force upon me when all I wanted to know was what the latest news was. I started to have a visceral reaction when that piano music came on and I switched it off immediately so as to avoid ever having to hear GK and his folksy poetry. Then I tried to anticipate the piano music coming and preemptively turned the radio off. Then I started muttering to myself quietly in the corner. Then I started having seizures any time that stupid show started.

    Ok that last part isn’t true. It was actually a parasite in my brain.

    Ok that wasn’t true either. But wouldn’t it be morbidly funny if it were? I think I’ll write a poem about it.

  2. ellenb127 says:

    Thanks for the kind words about BirdNote! We’ve updated/upgraded our website, and you can now find the full archive of shows at http://birdnote.org/archive. Thanks! Chirp!

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