Tiny Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

Someday when I’m a real grownup (meaning mortgage, family, mom jeans), Christmas will involve a giant tree, outdoor lights, and actually sending Christmas cards. But since I am 28, living with a roommate, and still wearing jeggings (don’t judge, they are like pajamas, but JEANS), the holidays are a little smaller.

Christmas plant. Note the lack of presents. Someone bring us presents!

This year Lisa and I have a Christmas plant. Admittedly, the rest of the year said plant is part of our usual plant family. But for December, it’s been promoted and adorned with knicknacks from our apartment. A small stuffed owl, an origami crane I folded up, a brooch I got from my grandma. We circled the base with lights and called it a day.

I like it because it’s simple and because it still feels like a part of our place. No muss, no fuss, no pine needle/cat fiasco.

Amanda's holiday branch bunch.

Similarly, my good friend Amanda went the tiny, wonderful Christmas tree route. Branches in a lovely vase, decked with mini ornaments. Very Crate and Barrel (but way cheaper). I loved it, so I asked her if I could take a picture for the blog. Voila! Insta-inspiration.

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2 Responses to Tiny Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

  1. Delondra says:

    Nick and I were afraid of our cats getting into any kind of plant, so we decorated the little vintage chandelier in our kitchen. We just hung our ornaments from the arms. It looks so cute! I was also thinking that if somebody was crafty, they could hang ornaments from a Christmas wreath and then hang it from the ceiling like a mobile. That way you get all the pine smell without the fuss of a tree!

  2. Ooh, I really like the chandelier idea. And on a side note, I was just reading about Douglas Fir Sorbet. Christmas trees in your mouth!

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