There’s a tear in my (tiny) beer.

There's a tear in my (tiny) beer. Sorry for my not-so-small absence.

It’s been a not-so-tiny amount of time since my last blog post. I’ve been in a haze of country music writing for this musical I’ve been working on for the last few years. But I keep saying to my friends at random times about random things (pancakes, on more than one occasion), “Wow, that thing is tiny wonderful!” And finally, I have gotten over my “it’s been too long, so I can’t possibly start again” neurosis and decided to start again.

So, in celebration, here’s a country-music-inspired list of tiny, wonderful things:

Miniature donkeys, named for country music greats
Mini bourbon pumpkin cheesecakes
A water fountain made from mini Jack Daniels bottles
Tiny horseshoe necklace
DIY Tiny Country Song Generator

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