Mini grilled cheese sandwiches are everywhere

From Corner Table restaurant in Minneapolis, featured on Fresh Tart blog.

My friend Jess sent me this photo for the blog (to right): Mini grilled cheese sandwiches perched atop tiny mugs of tomato soup. OK, amazing. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted at a party with that appetizer?

New idea? To try to find out where the photo came from, I googled “mini grilled cheese.” And apparently it’s THE tiny sandwich. Our American version of a tea sandwich, perhaps.

Rachael Ray does cheese and tomato, along with mini spicy patty melts (her suggested dessert for these: “retro candy like dots, good ‘n’ plenty, or whoppers.” Um, weird and kind of gross. Seems like tiny jello molds might be more fun?)

Real Simple does ’em with chutney (Yum. Everything is better with chutney.) Martha Stewart thinks you should have them at your wedding. uses leftover cocktail-sized bread from a party to make a new party (in her mouth).

Bite Catering's tomato soup shot w/grilled cheese wedge.

But my favorite might be from L.A. company Bite Catering (and side note: now my new favorite catering company and how I wish they were in Seattle). They serve tomato soup shots with a grilled cheese garnish.

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