Grilled Cheese Martini Coming Soon

Given the popularity of mini grilled cheese sandwiches (see this post from a few weeks ago), I feel compelled to tell you (and also a little intrigued/disgusted) about a grilled cheese MARTINI, which, according to Seattle Weekly’s food blog Voracious, will be debuting at Bennett’s Bistro in Mercer Island very soon. (It’s not listed on their online cocktail menu yet.)

Hanna Raskin writes: “Dammeier and his crew soaked six piping hot sandwiches in 10 gallons of vodka, leaving the blend to marinate for 24 hours. Much of the spirit was absorbed by the bread, so bartenders had to vigorously press the sandwiches through cheesecloth to extract the infused liquid before freezing and skimming it.”

Grilled cheese isn’t really something I think about as a flavor. But then again, would anyone have thought we’d need a buttered popcorn jelly bean? And apparently there also exists a hot dog-infused vodka, called Weeniecello. Bottoms up!

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