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Adorable adornments

I will admit that as a kid, I loved miniatures. And when I say loved, I mean devoted my entire existence to. Tiny food, tiny Kleenex boxes, a mini piano. Whatever. If I was holdingĀ  a tiny version of some … Continue reading

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Put a (tiny) bird on it

Hummingbirds are perhaps the tiniest and wonderfulest (not a word, I know) of birds. And my friend Kevin, an amazing photographer, is remarkably adept at capturing them. Take a second to peruse the Flickr set he just created to house … Continue reading

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Farm Fresh

On Saturday I was lucky enough to volunteer for a Dog Mountain Farm dinner, part of an on-going summer outdoor cooking/eating experience at the beautiful farm about an hour east of Seattle near Carnation. Each dinner features the work of … Continue reading

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Ukulele love and a tiny band you need to hear

If there was a musical mascot for tiny, wonderful, it would have the be the ukulele. It’s small, portable, and capable of making the sweetest melodies. And some of the sweetest I’ve heard come from duo Socks and Chimes, a.k.a. … Continue reading

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