Ukulele love and a tiny band you need to hear

If there was a musical mascot for tiny, wonderful, it would have the be the ukulele. It’s small, portable, and capable of making the sweetest melodies. And some of the sweetest I’ve heard come from duo Socks and Chimes, a.k.a. Ian Merrigan (Socks) and Zibby Allen (Chimes). They both play ukulele, and their debut album I Love You Overall is the bittersweet (and often just plain sweet) recounting of a cross-country love tug-of-war. Their lyrics are lovely, bordering on exuberant (take a listen to “New Mexico” here on their website).

I asked Ian to give us a tiny interview, but apparently they’re on a hiatus (hopefully not for long.). But in the meantime, he was kind enough to provide a haiku (which looks a bit like the word “hiatus”) about being not-so tiny.

Ian is so tall
That one time he stood up and
Bumped his head on God

Here’s a video of the two of them singing “Little Bird.”

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