Farm Fresh

Huckleberry Clafouti served at Dog Mountain Farm.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to volunteer for a Dog Mountain Farm dinner, part of an on-going summer outdoor cooking/eating experience at the beautiful farm about an hour east of Seattle near Carnation. Each dinner features the work of a different awesome Seattle chef. Saturday was Executive Chef Michelle Retallack of new downtown hotspot RN74.

Not a lot about the meal was tiny: big tables set up in the orchard, a crowd of over 50, and overflowing family style platters: huge homemade sausages snaked around farm-fresh fava and cannellini beans; bowls piled with yellow and red tomatoes and watermelon; perfectly juicy hanger chicken slabbed on thick cuts of rustic bread. The three of us volunteers ran plates to the diners, washed dishes, and had the pleasure of watching Michelle and her fantastic team very calmly roll out four courses plus three appetizers. And, delightfully, we got to try everything.

Blackberry meringue kisses.

But the tiny, wonderful food moment of the night came during dessert (pictured above), a so-pretty-I-almost-don’t-want-to-eat-it huckleberry clafouti topped with peaches and a few different types of edible flowers, created by RN74’s pastry Pastry Sous Chef Kim Mahar. And one of the toppings? Blackberry meringue kisses.

Awesome. Here’s a post from The Kitchn about how to make meringue treats like that. It’s not too tough, though apparently it’s best to not make them on days with high humidity. I guess today’s out…

Here are a few more pictures from the event, which I highly recommend, as a volunteer or guest. The next (and last) dinner of the season is Saturday, Sept. 24. The chefs are Mark Fuller and Marjorie Chang Fuller of Spring Hill. There will be wine (each course is paired) from Apex at Alder Ridge wines.


Dining al fresco. Don't forget sunblock.

The volunteer table by the end of the night. Nothing small about that.

Yeah, that's nice.

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