Adorable adornments

I will admit that as a kid, I loved miniatures. And when I say loved, I mean devoted my entire existence to. Tiny food, tiny Kleenex boxes, a mini piano. Whatever. If I was holding  a tiny version of some ordinary thing, I was ecstatic. My dad and I built a dollhouse when I was 10, and I spent the next years populating it with whatever my allowance could buy me.

So, OK, now I’ve grown out of afternoons with the bear family and their tiny turkey dinners. But, I am in love with the burgeoning trend of tiny-thing-inspired jewelery, especially food related (of course). It’s like a trip back to the dollhouse that won’t put me in the same category as Lady-With-Cat-Sweaters or Weirdo-With-Stuffed-Animal-Collection.

Here are some of my favorites.

Lord knows I love pancakes. Someone could propose to me with this puppy. Pancake Ring from SouZouCreations.

Baker's Cupcake Necklace from FreshyFig. Fat free.

Gold eyeglasses from HappyGift. My friend Kiki has these. They totally make her smarter.

Fruit Tart Earrings from PetitPlat. Take a second to look at her whole collection on Etsy, it's pretty awesome.

Tiny working harmonica pendant from Jaimia Jewelery. Wear it to your next jam session.

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