How to make a tiny pumpkin pie (and other small eats)

Don't eat it. (By Jessica Hlavac/i'm so tiny)

I just discovered artist Jessica Hlavac and her blog, i’m so tiny. Hlavac crafts minuscule, incredibly realistic food. Why? Her mission statement, according to Facebok: “to freak you out and make you hungry.” It’s beautiful, quirky, and weirdly delectable (-looking… don’t actually try to eat them. I doubt they’re filling.).

She’s part of Gothtober, an online museum of sort, rolling out 31 works of art by 31 different artists a day at a time leading up to Halloween. Her pie creation (in reverse) is #2 on the calendar. Timely and inspirational in case you were looking for a very small craft project to attempt.

Speaking of calendars, you can buy an actual calendar of just Hlavac’s pictures, which is pretty adorable. My birthday month is a caprese salad on a piece of bowtie pasta. Delicious.

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