Play “musical plates” with mobile food/music tour

Food with a view and a soundtrack doesn’t need much more of a selling point. So, I’m totally excited about Seattle mobile culinary tour company White Moustache’s “Musical Plates” food tour coming up Sunday, Nov. 6.

White Moustache teamed up with Seattle folk band Goldfinch, asked the band members for their favorite foods, and built a mobile tour around their selections. You hop on the tour van at 4:30, spend the next three hours driving and dining (presumably separately), and at each stop Goldfinch shows up to play.

At $60, it’s do-able, assuming good quality food. The stops are a surprise, but White Moustache tweeted me these hints:

Magic with cheese, figs, & prosciutto to satisfy female lead’s sweet & savory fetish….

“I want bread like my mom used to bake.” —drummer.

Trumpet player says, “Fried chicken and fried okra is good for you.”

The lead singer loves meat-on-a-stick from his days in Afghanistan.

Novel concept, collaboration between music and food? Totally tiny, wonderful.

It also got me thinking of other multi-stop Seattle music/food pairings I’d love to see. If only fantastic country gal Zoe Muth would take us to down-home places like Ezell’s, Nook, Kingfish, or Little Red Hen (for whiskey shots, naturally). Or maybe Hey Marseilles can take us on a eclectic, worldly tour to B&O, Bizarro, Cafe Presse. Chris Cornell on the dive bar tour? Stops at Mecca Cafe, Beth’s, the Crocodile…

Any tours you’d pay big bucks to go on/eat through?

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3 Responses to Play “musical plates” with mobile food/music tour

  1. Thank you so much for the awesome write-up! I hope you don’t mind, but I intend to steal all your additional ideas.

    BTW If folks hurry and buy a ticket before midnight Wednesday, I’ve extended the early-bird tickets for $48.

  2. This is so very cool! Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

  3. Of course! It’s a really fun idea. I hope it goes well! And when you get Chris Cornell to do a musical food tour, I’m so there 🙂

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