As much as I'd love tiny sunglasses, these big ones will just have to do.

About tiny, wonderful and its (normal sized) author

Hi there, I’m Joanna. I’ve always believed that good things come in small packages, so here are my favorite tiny things from my hometown Seattle and beyond. I’m always looking for easy, delightful, delicious ways to make my life a little better. I hope this blog inspires you, too.

When not blogging about the tiny things that make me happy, I’m a food and culture writer living in Seattle, Washington. I write often for the Seattle Times, I was the co-founder and editor of Ellensburg’s snarky little Punch ‘Zine, and the dating columnist (I know, crazy…) for the now-defunct Seattle Kite. Speaking of love, you can catch my country musical 100 Heartbreaks at Seattle arts festival Bumbershoot this year.

I have an unhealthy obsession with pancakes, so help me.

Want to tweet together? I’m at @joannahorowitz. Or let’s meet at Pinterest.


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