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Farm Fresh

On Saturday I was lucky enough to volunteer for a Dog Mountain Farm dinner, part of an on-going summer outdoor cooking/eating experience at the beautiful farm about an hour east of Seattle near Carnation. Each dinner features the work of … Continue reading

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Adorable Mini Animals (real ones, at that)

A faithful blog reader today sent in a link to this photo collection from WebEcoist of “15 of the World’s Most Adorable Miniature Animals,” saying that if this wasn’t tiny wonderful, then what the heck is? I agree. And can … Continue reading

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A Love Note to BirdNote

Got two minutes? I know on paper there’s really nothing cool about BirdNote (sorry, BirdNote). Someone with an NPR-smooth lilt talks us through a two-minute story of a type of bird or bird habitat. Yet, I can’t get enough. I … Continue reading

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